AKCE 2010

30.11.2016 Golden Spike Ostrava at the end of June
Golden Spike Ostrava will held in June 2017 the latest for the last 25 years. The best athletics meeting on Czech territory will be held next year on 28 June. Organizers announced today the first names. At the City Stadium in Vítkovice just before the holidays arrive American double Olympic champion in the triple jump, Christian Taylor and Czech record holder in the pole vault Ptacnikova.

21.10.2016 DNA by Bolek Polivka and daughter Anna
A great ending to ninth year of theater festival was the performance Bolek Polivka Theatre Brno presented by Bolek Polivka and his daughter Anna. Comedy with autobiographical elements brought a lot of gags, clown and theatrical numbers and effects, typical characteristic humor and improvisation of Bolek Polivka. Brno theater won the audience vote for the best performance of Applause.

18.10.2016 Jiri Langmajer pleased audience
the next performance continued exclusive theatrical festival Applause. Theatre pod Palmovkou introduced contemporary black comedy FUK! about the dificulties of male middle age. Comedy written by Dutch author gets an immense audience popularity and her film appearance has become cult. The role of Jarda in the Czech theatre version portrayed Jiri Langmajer in Prostějov.

13.10.2016 Hermanek shone during Applause
Prague Theatre Bez zabradli with two cases of Woody Allen, in which it introduced Karel Hermanek, not only as an actor, but also a stage director, started ninth year of theatre festival Applause. The performance produced high-quality dramatic text and unique opportunities for dramatic acting.

07.10.2016 Jiri Kolar - legend of the world collage
In the Museum and Gallery in Prostejov sterted opening of Jiri Kolar by long time friend Jan Kukal. Exhibition of one of the key artists of the 20. century whose work was enthusiastically admired in many major galleries in Europe and the Americas. The works represent all the techniques and themes of this versatile artist, this is a show of works from the years 1964-1997.

15.09.2016 Safarova and Vesely in Prostejov
New kids of tennis school at TK Agrofert Prostejov has an opportunity to meet Lucie Safarova and Jiri Vesely. It\'s a good event. We can show children how a wonderful sport tennis is, on the other hand it is charging us because the atmosphere is very pleasant, said Safarova. Just do it for pleasure. That´s it what should never disappear, advised Vesely.

09.09.2016 Deserved ovations and successful Orpheus
Olomouc Flora hosts the world premiere of Orpheus performed by Ballets Bubenicek, who with their colleagues succeeded demonstrate a perfect interplay well done dance creations and captivating musical tones. The mythical story of Orpheus in the past has been inspired countless artists. Enthusiastic audience loudly applauded Bubenicek twins a few minutes.

06.09.2016 Applause brings a striking acting personalities
George Langmajer, Bolek Polivka, Anna Polivkova, Karel Hermanek, Josef Carda, Jana Svandova, Dana Moravkova and other actors will be applaud by viewers of 9th theater festival Applause. Co-organizers of the marketing company TK PLUS and the Municipal Theatre in Prostejov invited Prague ensembles Theatre pod Palmovkou and Theatre Bez zabradli, from Brno will come to Hana Region Bolek Polivka Theatre.


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