AKCE 2010

15.09.2016 Safarova and Vesely in Prostejov
New kids of tennis school at TK Agrofert Prostejov has an opportunity to meet Lucie Safarova and Jiri Vesely. It\'s a good event. We can show children how a wonderful sport tennis is, on the other hand it is charging us because the atmosphere is very pleasant, said Safarova. Just do it for pleasure. That´s it what should never disappear, advised Vesely.

09.09.2016 Deserved ovations and successful Orpheus
Olomouc Flora hosts the world premiere of Orpheus performed by Ballets Bubenicek, who with their colleagues succeeded demonstrate a perfect interplay well done dance creations and captivating musical tones. The mythical story of Orpheus in the past has been inspired countless artists. Enthusiastic audience loudly applauded Bubenicek twins a few minutes.

06.09.2016 Applause brings a striking acting personalities
George Langmajer, Bolek Polivka, Anna Polivkova, Karel Hermanek, Josef Carda, Jana Svandova, Dana Moravkova and other actors will be applaud by viewers of 9th theater festival Applause. Co-organizers of the marketing company TK PLUS and the Municipal Theatre in Prostejov invited Prague ensembles Theatre pod Palmovkou and Theatre Bez zabradli, from Brno will come to Hana Region Bolek Polivka Theatre.

06.09.2016 Not only sport but also culture
TK PLUS apart from its sporting activities also for many years organizes cultural events in the Olomouc region. In addition to this 9th years of theater festival Applause brings for Prostejov fans of Culture in cooperation with Museum and Gallery in Prostejov extensive retrospective exhibition of the works of collage legend Jiri Kolar, which will be held from October 7 to November 27.

06.09.2016 Ballets Bubenicek at City Hall in Olomouc
Jiri and Otto Bubenicek with their colleagues visit the Cyty Hall in Olomouc to describe in detail their project Orpheus, which arised more than a year and Olomouc viewers can watch it on Thursday 8th September at 19:00 at the Fairgrounds Flora Olomouc. World premiere performance brings audiences a memorable and it´s extraordinary perfect cultural experience.

29.08.2016 Youth under 14 champions!
Teams Championship for Cup of the President of CTS masterfully wins TK Agrofert Prostejov, which defeated after singles I. ČLTK Prague 5: 1 in the final. The 3rd place went to TK Sparta Prague and fourth TK Neride. In the first round TK Agrofert Prostějov beat SK Lama 7:2, in the semifinals defeated TK Neridé 9:0, in the finals I.CLTK Prague 5:1!

07.08.2016 Finals glory for Argentina and Ukraine

27.07.2016 Jiri and Otto Bubenicek perform in Olomouci
Olomouc experiences the world premiere! Olomouc citizens and the visitors can looking forward to dancers of international format. September 8, 7 p.m. in the Pavilion A at Flora Olomouc exhibition grounds presents the world premiere of Jiri and Otto Bubenicek. Visitors can enjoy the unique performances of the works of the rendition of Orpheus, which exceeds the boundaries of dance, physical movement, words and music.


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