Dr. Miroslav Cernosek
Executive Manager TK PLUS s.r.o.

Marketing company TK PLUS is based in Prostejov, primarily engaged in organizing sports and cultural activities.

TK PLUS is still among the best

Prostejov marketing agency TK PLUS even not in the twentieth year of its activities does not compromise on its demands. Prostejov philosophy of success has held good for a long time and has rightfully carried the agency forth amongs the best in the Czech Republic. The projects have gained distinct renown at home as well as abroad ”Only this way we could achieve the best success. We did always ensure that our events had the highest quality and tried to represent the biggest sporting stars. Some time ago I embarked on a path of higher intensity, because only that way we can lead to success. And this way we offer to all who works with us,“ says managing director Miroslav Cernosek, adding: ”We have our two flagship events - one is a tennis tournament UniCredit Czech Open held in Prostejov and a second on is Golden Spike Ostrava. These projects we really care about.“

UniCredit Czech Open
Zlatá tretra Ostrava
Mistrovství světa juniorů do 14 let v tenisu
VK AGEL Prostějov



TK PLUS s.r.o., Za kosteleckou 4161/49, 796 01 Prostějov, Tel: +420 582 402 506, Fax: +420 582 342 870, E-mail: office@tkplus.cz