06.12.2018 | Golden Spike Ostrava 2019
Pre-sale tickets started, Miller-Uib's first foreign, Ogrodnik and Vrzal's first home stars. Now they are in full swing at the 58th year, which will take place at the Ostrava stadium in Ostrava - Vitkovice on Thursday, June 20. Again, in the spirit of the traditions and philosophy of the meeting, the performance of world athletics stars, both established and emerging, along with the performance of the home athletic peak. Therefore there will be contests of javeliners.

06.11.2018 | My wonderful divorce
This year's Aplaus Theater Show ended with a kind of comedy that Irish writer Geraldine Aron dedicated to all stay alone without their own guilt. Familiar Eliska Balzerova performed all fifteen roles on the stage, and she received from the Prostejov supporters of the theater performances standing ovation.

20.10.2018 | My game
A comedy about life, however, the main hero's life has just passed between his fingers. Famous writer Josef Jankulovski left this world unexpectedly and with a rather old-fashioned wish: he wanted his partner to hold a private funeral celebration in his honor. In the living room, therefore, there are six women of different ages, positions and worldviews, each of whom played a fatal role in the life. The main role of Jiri Bartoska.

08.10.2018 | Aplaus Theater show started
The fascinating encounter of two powerful personalities who can not stop loving each other, although it is all against. Two different worlds, two irreconcilable approaches to life, two opposing views and one common sense of guilt that can not be discarded. An unforgettable concert by Tatiana Vilhelmova and Jiri Langmajer opened the eleventh year of the Aplaus theater show.

13.09.2018 | National sports center Prostejov
Today, a new sports facilities in Prostejov was opened, which will be designed especially for performance youth of ball sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball and football, and in the morning for Prostejov primary and secondary schools. "I'm glad I could be at the opening ceremony. A truly beautiful sports facilities was built in Prostejov," said Robert Plaga, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

12.09.2018 | 11th year of Aplaus
Over the 11th year of the theater shows Aplaus took over the patronage Minister of Culture Antonin Stanek. This year's Aplaus will be opening on Sunday, October 7 the Glass ceiling of Ungelt Prague Theater. The second title will be comedy My play of the Kalich Theater in Prague on Friday, October 19, and November 5 will be a kind comedy My great divorce, where Eliska Balzerova performs all 15 roles on the stage.

13.08.2018 | Both Czech teams won silver
Sensation! For the first time in the 20-year history of the 14th ITF World Junior Tennis Finals, the Czech teams was successful to gain silver medals when the girls lost to Russia in the final and the US boys who showed total dominance when they did not lost a tie.

06.08.2018 | ITF World Junior Tennis Finals by IMPRIMA
20th years in a row when the prestigious international tennis competition hosted by TK Prostejov whose comfortable premises, staff and equipment of the tennis complex provides a suitable conditions for the most important youth international tennis event from which came many of Grand Slam Champions including Rafael Nadal, Leyton Hewitt, Amelia Mauresmo, Justin Henin and Novak Djokovic.

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