31.10.2019 | Miser
This year's Aplaus Theater Show was finished with a comedy, which was about money in the first place. One of the most famous works of the leading playwright of French Classicism in the lead role with Boleslav Polivka lifted the viewers from their seats to the standing ovations. The great master of comic characters gave a colorful picture of endless ways of manipulation, deception and pretense in the most intimate surround of the family. Regarding money there are no rules of decency or respect for children to parents and parents for children.

19.10.2019 | When switch off
The chilling comedy knockout diaphragm of the spectators continued the second act of Aplaus. Trevor and Nina are married couple from high society in New York. He is a prominent gynecologist, she the owner and chef of the renowned Italian restaurant. But their marriage cannot be considered ideal. It causes a pre-marriage contract, the rules of American football: the spouse who submits the petition for divorce will lose all the assets that will automatically accrue to the other. It's Christmas and Trevor and Nina are organising their traditional party...

08.10.2019 | Aplaus - Old Ladies
One of the most popular productions of the Bratislava Theater Studio L + S Old Ladies started another year of the theater show Aplaus. A performance about a couple living in one room in a retirement home, in which Zdena Studenkova and Kamila Magalova excelled. Quarrels alternated reconciliation, memories overlapping the present, tears followed by laught, because humor is the real university of the third age.

12.09.2019 | Tennis club looks for new talents
With the participation of double Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova and former fifth world player Jiri Novak, took place in the sports hall of the National Sports Center in Prostejov the annual recruitment for tennis school, which is part of the project Looking for new winners of the Fed Cup and Davis Cup. During the event the children from the tennis club had the opportunity to play with the stars of the Prostejov club and took photos with them at the autograph session.

06.09.2019 | 12th year of Aplaus
Organizers declassify performances of Applause at the press conference in the premises of the National House in Prostejov. The Applause starts October 7 presentation of Old ladies by Bratislava Theatre L + S. The second title will be October 18 a comedy When goes off by the Moravian Theatre Olomouc and the culmination becomes October 31 a comedy Lakomec starring Bolek Polivka. The Applause is brought by the Olomouc region, the Statutory city of Prostejov and Micos Telcom company.

05.09.2019 | Vaclav Brozik in Prostejov
The Vernisage was started by the exhibition of Vaclav Brozik, which the Museum and gallery in Prostějov has the opportunity to present. Unique works will be available to fans of fine art until the November 3. The exhibition offers an extraordinary opportunity to see a large collection of works of art generation of the National Theatre and academic realism. The main focus is the realization of large historical cants, salon genres, landscapes and numerous portraits.

11.08.2019 | Girls World Champions, boys third
Youth tennis under 14 years of age achieve a great success in Prostějov. After 16 years, the Czechs won the title and bacame World Champions. The team of Linda Fruhvirtova (2005), Nikola Bartunkova (2006) and Brenda Fruhvirtova (2007) defeated the USA 2-0 final after singles. The boys Vojtech Petr (2005), Lukas Velík (2005) and Jakub Mensik (2005) won bronze medals by beating Croatia 2:1 in deciding doubles.

10.08.2019 | Czech girls World Champions in Prostějov
The boss of Prostějov tennis with new World Champions sisters Linda and Brenda Fruhvirts.

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