21.12.2017 | Pre-Christmas press conference TK PLUS
Pre-Christmas atmosphere carried the traditional press conference TK PLUS, during which was presenting year 2017 and presented the projects for the coming year, which will feature sports events such as athletic meeting Golden Spike Ostrava or tennis tournament UniCredit Czech Open, but also the events of cultural character.

20.12.2017 | Ten titles in a row
Bonver Tennis Extreligue 2017 won the team of TK Agrofert Prostejov, who defeated TK Sparta Prague 5:1 after singles matches. Prostějov won the extraligue title for the tenth time in a row. You can find results and more information at www.tenisovaextraliga.cz.

15.12.2017 | Night of champions in Prostejov
The most successful tennis players of club TK Agrofert Prostejov meet together to get awards for their performances and results achieved in the past season in all the youth categories. Night of champions with the participation of former and current tennis stars and many important guests magnified by performance of Olga Lounova. The Price of personality of the Year took Davis Cup´s captain Jaroslav Navrátil.

14.12.2017 | Sports stars to children of the Olomouc region
The first year of pre-Christmas sports event with a charitable touch took place in sporthall Centre DDM in Prostejov. Six teams of 10 children, consisting of elementary school pupils and children's homes from former district cities of the Olomouc region, supplemented by sporting stars, competed for the best results with cheering more than 1000 children. The children met with Karolina Pliskova, Lukas Krpalek, Jakub Holusa, Jiri Vesely, Jan Koller and others. The cultural programme was taken care of by Jan Censky, Milan Peroutka and Olga Lounova.

01.12.2017 | The Art Nouveau in Prostejov
The exhibition opened in the Museum and Gallery in Prostejov under the title Art Nouveau. With the participation of many important guests, a collection of more than 150 paintings, sculptures, posters and glass from many Czech and Moravian state museums and galleries was presented. The work of the representatives of this artistic direction is typical of its stylized designs and perfect harmony lines represented by artists Alfons Mucha, Jan Preisler, Antonin Hudecek and others.

26.10.2017 | Aplaus celebrated anniversary
Stars welcomed the Municipal Theater in Prostejov at the end of this year's 10th anniversary of the Aplaus theater show. Super party deserves applause, so it was the last part of this year and it really deserved its applause. The guests of Marie Rottrova and the group NEREZ, Karel Sip, Josef Nahlovsky, Petra Kvitova and exclusively Karel Gott lifted the audience from the seats to the long-lasting applause.

12.10.2017 | Hamlets
The performance was thematically around the theater, especially around the actors. It offered an ironic deal with acting and the acting profession in general. A total of seven Hamlets suddenly appeared on the scene. Individual Hamlets also showed the other side of acting, which is a constant sense of schizophrenia, when one person conceives an infinite number of characters.

05.10.2017 | Crack on the lagoon
The performance offers a clear and comprehensible story with a clear plot, full-featured characters and great acting opportunities, and describes human weaknesses, misery and joy in the lives of both men and women. It offers great portions of great entertainment while touching today - these are the main prerequisites for audience success. The audience reacted several times to applause on the open scene, and the final aplaus did not end.

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